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New girls in the house

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

I’ve been missing in action for a while, the thing being I do not see many dolls around recently appealing both to my taste and my wallet :-( I also learnt the art of being selective after the terrible experience of moving few months ago!

Said so though I have to admit I really love the Monster High girls. I think this is the best line Mattel produced in a very long time. I find them hardly suitable for children to be honest since they look quite fragile but I left my childhood years behind me long ago so no problem there.

And here are my last two additions to my collection:Abbey Bominable and Lagoona Blue

The only complain I would raise is the hair being saran, so not the most amazing quality. On the other side they are lovely dolls for 20 euros each.

More pictures on my Flickr.

Teen Trends dolls

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Today I decided to have a better look and take some pictures of the Teen Trends dolls I purchased few months ago (actually I think it was almost 1 year ago).

I bought them off ebay since they were hardly played with (the shoes were still kept in place by the elastic bands), complete of everything (included boxes)and very cheap (less than 2o euros for all 3 of them).

After I bought them I actually read this interesting review of the dolls and today I decided to have a closer look myself.

Here is Kianna:

102_3534 102_3536

and here Courtney:


I like their face painting very much, especially Kianna’s, and it is indeed true that they are more poseable than a Barbie and her clothes much better quality but…there are quite few of buts…

The hair are cut unevenly and tend to be really frizzy. I don’t think it is due to the fact the dolls were not NRFB since you canĀ  see that the child who owned them hardly played.

The clothes are very good quality but the shoes are just molded plastic. For dolls of such a scale I would have expected for example trainers with a bit of fabric on them and not 100% plastic clearly molded out of a single piece.

It is true that these are supposed to be play-line dolls but it is also true that in Europe they were sold initially for something about 30 euros, so not exactly on the cheap side.

I will try to take other pictures of them in the future and if I keep of the same idea I will most probably sell them.