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Designers Paper dolls by Danielle Meder

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

If you like the Rodarte fashion and you love dolls (me! me! again me!) here is something for you: Rodarte paper doll!

And even better, always by Danielle Meder, Viktor and Rolf paper doll, I love the costumes this doll comes with, absolutely chic, all in black…can you go wrong with black? Of course not ;-)

Hairspray-Tracy Turnblad paper dolls

Friday, July 17th, 2009

Always from DeviantArt: Tracy Turnblad paper doll:

Tracy Turnblad Paper Doll by ~Cor104 on deviantART

I  spent again almost 2 hours on the site looking at the amazing pictures and not just paper dolls!

Pop-culture Paper dolls

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Today I was all excited because we planned to visit 2 big flea-markets in town and even if the weather didn’t look good we tried anyway but…oh boy…on the way in it started raining cats and dogs. We anyway went to the first one hoping it would stop pouring down but no chance.

After getting soaked for 20 minutes we just went back home :-(

I’m so disappointed :-( and no nice finds for me to show. So I thought about posting about some of my nice recent “virtual” dolls finds: paper dolls!!!

The first one is Betty Boop from Paper dolls and other paper toys blog. I love the fact that the doll comes with clothes inspired to famous movies, included “Gone with the Wind”.

Always on the same blog I found some Modern Barbie dolls, they are really nice, they look like Fashion Fever girls. So all together a site to bookmark.

Then surfing around I saw these pd from The Office. They are not really paper dolls in the classic sense since you cannot change their clothes but I liked them and I’m a huge fan of the show. If you never saw The Office you need to pick the DVD up, it is just hilarious.

Last but not least some Nancy Drew pd from Tangarang blog (I never read the books but I believe they are quite popular here in Germany) and not really paper dolls but paper models of Final Fantasy characters , who didn’t play at least once with the game? I actually tried really just once long ago but it was too complex for me ;-)


Friday, May 29th, 2009

What a lazy start of Friday evening…



Free Fashion Doll Printable eBook (pursues/handbags)

Patty Reed Paper dolls from Simplicity


Astroboy!!! I cannot believe it! They made a remake :-D

here the trailer

and Wonder Woman! I cannot watch it without thinking to Linda Carter:

here the trailer


few books on Google Books. I love it, you really can have a good look at some books before buying like:

Les Petite Dames de Mode: an Adventure in Design

Fashion at the edge

The Jumeau doll

Hope you are having a a nice relaxing Friday evening as well :-)

Paper dolls

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

I really enjoyed my first day back home. What can I say? I’m a creature of habit. I just love to sit on my sofa, my cat beside me, my laptop close by, my husband just a kiss away ;-)

To make the day perfect I received one of my Amazon preorders: “Cinderella-Paper dolls and 17th Century Costumes” by Brenda Sneathen Mattox and “Michelle Style” by Mandy Norwood.

I also found a new blog!!!If you are a lover of paper dolls  as well check “Passion 4 Paperdollz”, it is a beautiful blog and each month the author offers great pd for download. My favourite ones are the Modern Deco paper doll and “It’s a fashion thing” but she has many other nice ones, included Reese Whiterspoon.

And if you are also an admirer of Michell Obama, read the long interview published by Time, found via Mrs.O blog.

Tomorrow it is time start working again but…I even missed my colleagues, just don’t tell them ;-) so that’ s ok . I hope you are all having a nice springy week.

Tuesday Paper dolls

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

So… we are almost in the middle of the week, spring is coming and to cheer you up even more: PAPER DOLLS!!! Here few ones I collected recently, hope you enjoy them:-)

For a start Prom Night 2009 by Kim Brecklein,  a nice, neat pd and I like that you can colour it up.

Then  Cutie Cut-ups from Castle in the air (23rd of February post), it takes time to download the 2 PDFs but it is worth, the dolls are beautiful, especially if you love vintage costume dolls!

These are the ones I love more, some paper dolls from “The Wizard of Oz”. They are a scan from a Dover book and I’m seriously considering hunting for the book. Check also the rest of the blog, it is really informative and visually stunning. I love for examples the tini-mods dolls and again the scan is very good and I love fashions from the sixties :-) Not really paper dolls, but I NEED to mention it, check one of my new conatcts on Flickr: myvintagevogue, gorgeous photostream!

Another nice paper doll, modern but with a vintage flavor, is Back to School from Lucia Rodriguez portfolio.

And again from Terry Pettit site, these beautiful paper dolls by Helen Page in period costumes, found via Enchanted Serenity of Period Films, definitely a blog to bookmark!

Last but not least a stunning pd of “I Love Lucy”.

Have a nice rest of the week :-)

Nice blog and designer paper toys

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

Surfing around I found a nice blog called “Position:absolute”. It doesn’t seem to be updated very often but all the posts deal with topics I’m interested in like photography, IT stuff, even a bit of art. I landed there because of this absoultely great post about designer paper toys, lots of nice toys for free, papertoys of course :-) Amongst all of them I love the paper ghettoblaster, I wonder about the scale though.

To this list I would add the cute paper dolls from The Toymaker and the animals paper toys from Fantastic Toys.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend and if you have any nice link to share with me and my readers, please do so! We collectors spend so much money on our toys that it is nice to get some freebies now and then :-)

Other celebrities paper dolls

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

It looks like many of my readers appreciated the post about Celebrities paper dolls, so here again a selections of what I found around :-)

To start a paper doll of Grace Kelly, I mean…more of a celebrity than this you cannot possibly find. I’m not sure whether the outfits are reproductions of actual fashions worn by the princess or not, In any case it is a nice freebie to snatch up. From Gail’s page you can actually download tons of celebrities paperdolls, so start to check it out when you have plenty of time available :-)

Here too you can find tons of nice paper dolls to colour and cut out included Sofia Loren and 2 outfits, but also Hercule Poirot and a full set inspired to Firefly. Have a look, definitely worth!

And be happy…TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!!!

Celebrities Paper Dolls

Sunday, January 4th, 2009

I realized I didn’t share for a while any of the new links I’ve got recently, so here they are and this time the theme is “celebrities paper dolls”.

To start with a very famous little girl ;-) If  you like Shirley Temple, here you can find her paper dolls, on the same page there’s also a “virtual doll” you can play with. Have a look, the game is most probably not what you’ re expecting :-) Actually the whole site is very nice since it is dedicated to Shirley Temple dolls.

On this page a great find: Marlyn Monroe paper doll and 31 costumes from her  24 movies, absolutely stunning! It could be a great inspiration for whoever wants to try recreating the outfits for “real” dolls.

Not an actress but definitely another celebrity, Lady Diana and 13 dresses, as far as I can see they are paper reproductions of outfits really worn by the the princess through the years.

As usually, many thinks to all the people who shared with us this wonderful things :-D And stay tuned…I will try to post some other links in the next days, and of course…if you have any as well…share it with us.


Friday, December 12th, 2008

Finally friday evening!!! Here again are some things I found while surfing and I thought to share them with you :-)

Look at this page of lovely freebies from the FantasticToys site, the paperdolls are adorable and they come with their own dollhouse and puppet theatre. Or check these nice Betsy McCall paperdolls out, lots of them filed by year!

If you are good at sewing (not my case unfotunately)don’t miss this absolutely great page with many clothes patterns for Fashion Dolls from Doll Reader, from Bluette to Riley. Grab them till they are still on line. And again great downloadable free patterns from Daniel Bingham Design Studio, here you need to enter name and email address but they are worth! I love the totebag. All 4 free patterns come in double size: for 11 and 16 inches dolls.

That’s all for today but if you have some links to share with us please do so, my readers and I love freebies :-)