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Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

I’ve been surfing quite a bit in the last few days :-) Here is a selection of nice dolls-related tutorials I stumbled upon while looking for other stuff and I thought about saving the links and sharing with you all.

Washi paper dolls

Make a Barbie card

How to make Dolls bedding

How to make a Dollhouse sofa

How to make a Felt Matrioska doll via Feltorama

How to make miniature dolls hats (this is much simpler than all the other tutorials about miniature hats I saw)

How to knit an Harry Potter doll ( I’m not able to )

Let me know if you try any of them :-)


Friday, December 12th, 2008

Finally friday evening!!! Here again are some things I found while surfing and I thought to share them with you :-)

Look at this page of lovely freebies from the FantasticToys site, the paperdolls are adorable and they come with their own dollhouse and puppet theatre. Or check these nice Betsy McCall paperdolls out, lots of them filed by year!

If you are good at sewing (not my case unfotunately)don’t miss this absolutely great page with many clothes patterns for Fashion Dolls from Doll Reader, from Bluette to Riley. Grab them till they are still on line. And again great downloadable free patterns from Daniel Bingham Design Studio, here you need to enter name and email address but they are worth! I love the totebag. All 4 free patterns come in double size: for 11 and 16 inches dolls.

That’s all for today but if you have some links to share with us please do so, my readers and I love freebies :-)

Crochet patterns for your dolls

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

Winter really started here! It is snowing :-(  The good side of it is that perhaps I will stay more at home and perhaps learn to read the crochet patterns. If you like to crochet for your dolls have a look at this book for crocheting Barbie dolls clothes. It is offered for free, 64 pages of patterns, from f Barbie Basics site.

If instead your taste is more for vintage stuff check out on vintage purls how to crochet a nice fairy doll or a delightful sailor outfit, always for a doll of course! The poodle dog is also very cute. The patterns are from the forties and fifties and you can download them as pdf.

If instead you want start to get ready for Christmas here are the instructions for a full nativity set, sadly no pictures but full instructions are there:-)

Japanese dolls, paper and more

Monday, October 27th, 2008

I really like traditional japanese dolls but for the moment I keep myself happy by buying, by time to time, a fashion doll dressed in a kimono or a kimono for a doll I already have. Said so I still love to look on the net at beautiful collections of traditional japanese dolls and related crafts.

If my sewing and crafts skills were up to the task I would try to make this beautiful Kimono cloth doll, the pattern is from the nunodolls site and the finished doll looks great, but as I said, not enough skills here :-(

I also find very nice this kimono pattern for superdolfie dolls from the trimline site, the fabric are so charming and they fit the dolls beautifully, but again not my piece of cake.

What actually looks like something I could give a try at are “simple” Kimono paper dolls. I had a look at many tutorials but this is the one I like more, it is really clear! In the other ones I checked there was always at least a step I didn’t understand. This I think I can handle…well sort of. For the clothes of the doll I plan to print these stunning oriental patterns from the ming-ling site, have a look, it is really an interesting page and the owner generously shares with all his readers many patterns, not just oriental ones.

Who knows…perhaps in many years I will be good at it :-)

Last but not least a paper-craft! As you all know I love paper-craft and today I finally bought the right tools for this crafts (scissors, cutters, rulers etc etc). Have a look and download this delightful Hina Matsuri paper diorama. Did you ever see something so cute?

That’s all for now. Hopefully in the future I will share with you all my kimono paper dolls and tons of other nice links I found. Have a nice evening, or a  nice morning, wherever you are :-)