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Other celebrities paper dolls

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

It looks like many of my readers appreciated the post about Celebrities paper dolls, so here again a selections of what I found around :-)

To start a paper doll of Grace Kelly, I mean…more of a celebrity than this you cannot possibly find. I’m not sure whether the outfits are reproductions of actual fashions worn by the princess or not, In any case it is a nice freebie to snatch up. From Gail’s page you can actually download tons of celebrities paperdolls, so start to check it out when you have plenty of time available :-)

Here too you can find tons of nice paper dolls to colour and cut out included Sofia Loren and 2 outfits, but also Hercule Poirot and a full set inspired to Firefly. Have a look, definitely worth!

And be happy…TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!!!