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Barbie loves P&C-update

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

So…yesterday I went to P&C in D├╝sseldorf and…they didn’t have the dolls, they haven’t even heard of them. Other 2 people checked in different towns, same story, what a disappointment :-(

I got 1 t-shirt and one scarf, I love the scarf, it is a deep dusty pink with small prints of the Barbie head logo, love it love it :-) I didn’t take the clutch because first of all it was a “micro” clutch (I could hardly fit in my cigarettes and mobile together) but most important it was very plain on the outside. The inside lining was with a Barbie print but the outside was just black, without any evident side of “Barbinesh” :-( so I passed on it.

That’s all, we are keeping hunting for the dolls and keep you updated.

Barbie loves P&C -flea-market find

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

Today we went again to a flea-market (love them!). I didn’t find any doll (but last week I found a nice case with Petra dolls and clothes), I still bought quite few things as cheap costume jewelry, a couple of vintagy Avon sets and other stuff but, more important, I FOUND THIS! :


It looks like a promo booklet for the upcoming Peek & Cloppenburg Barbie collection (hitting the stores tomorrow). My husband spotted it, I loved it at first sight and when the seller asked 5 euros for it I was over the moon.

It is roughly 40 cm long, quite heavy and it comes with a CD. The cover is all drenched in pink glitter. Here are just few of the initial pages:

102_4714 102_4715

102_4716 102_4719

Then, half through the booklet are some sketches of the piecese from the collection with prices:

102_4721 102_4722

102_4723 102_4725

and the dolls!!! The Fashionistas:


102_4731 102_4732

So tomorrow  after work I will go to the store. I decided to go crazy and if I find them I want all the dolls, 1 or 2 T-shirts, the clutch and one schal. Wish my credit card good luck ;-)