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Nice papercraft props and dioramas

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

I found  recently some nice paper-models that could be cute props for small and medium sized dolls, perhaps you are interested in them as well. Here you can get a set made of food boxes and an old fashion TV. I really like the TV!

If instead you like vintage entertainment systems have a look at these great NES play-consoles, just go to the site and scroll down toward the end of the page. These ones are in 1/8 scale, they could work out also for Skipper ;-)

But the one I really love is the small garden-shed, as soon as I saw  it I remembered having seen last saturday in a shop here some dolls, Shelly-sized. They are dressed in delightful Hello Kitty  outfits and are packed together with garden tools. How nice would they look together? The garden shed comes anyway with the templates for the tools :-)

Happy crafting!

Paper diorama for a doctor office – just great!

Sunday, October 19th, 2008

I subscribed to few feeds from papercraft blogs (I love this stuff!) and today I saw on PaperCraft Paradise a post regarding a cute Doctor Office diorama, if I understood correctly it is even 1/6 scale since they mentioned it could be used also for Gi Joe. The office set is avalaible here, and then on this page you can get the equipment. A full history  and origins of the diorama paperset can be read on Paper Bonanza blog.

I’m not sure when and if I will have a go at it but I saved all the pdf files, I hate when I bookmark something absolutely nice and months afterwards it is gone. I have a large harddisk and I can always get a bigger one LOL.