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Coraline dolls and random links

Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

Since I saw the trailer for the movie I cannot wait to watch it in February. It looks great. As I think you understood by now I love stop motion movies and the story seems enchanting. The password to enter the site is “buttoneyes”, but you will need more of them, read the great post from Toycutter blog to find them out. Waiting for it I will most probably buy the book.

The first thought that came to my mind when I saw the trailer was actually how to get hold of some dolls, ok…I admit I’m a bit single minded ;-) I would have loved for the moment some paperdolls or even better a papermodel but I couldn’t find any of them. If anybody knows where I can find a papermodel please let me know! I found though the italian trailer for the book

thanks to JacketFlap site, thank you :-)

I saw Forbidden Planet will sell some figures starting in february but to be honest they look more like static figures rather than dolls. I found though these interesting serie of articles on Mary¬† Robinette Kowal journal on how she created three OOAK dolls commissioned by Subterranean Press. I just browse quickly through 2 of them but I plan to read them well and carefully after I’ve done the boring bit of the day (AKA ironing) ;-)

Here I found pictures of the Neca’s puppets and then again a great article about the set of the movie from Animation World Network site.

I still want some papermodels though :-(