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My books are finally here

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Finally this week I have received two books I had in pre-order for quite a while. The Skipper one should have actually being released already a couple of months ago but then it came out only this month. Here they are:

Jamie Oliver’s  30 minutes meals and the long awaited second edition of Skipper, Barbie Doll’s little sister. Not sure what I found more delicious, the dolls or the food :)

I love Jamie Oliver way of cooking, so down to earth but still sophisticate enough to always surprise you and hopefully your guests.  I “discovered” him many years ago when I used to live in UK . It was the time of the Naked Chef TV show, my English was absolutely pitiful, I could hardly understand a third of what he was saying but I was nonetheless totally lost in it. Last time we went back to Scotland for a short trip down to memory lane I was so thrilled to find “Jamie’s Italy” in a charity shop for 3 pounds!

And what to say about the Skipper book? I’ve been trying to put my little greedy paws on the first edition for centuries, eons actually :-( But I refused to pay the outrageous prices asked for it on the second market and now…finally..the second edition comes! Go and get it, you will not regret it. The pictures are just amazing.

And now I go back to sniff up my new books, I love the smell of freshly printed books, love to flip through all of them first quickly, just glancing around here an there. And then go back from start, stopping at some pages longer till I’m ready to start again, once more a bit more slowly.