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Stardolls by Barbie

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

The girls are all over Internet so chances are you all have already seen them, if not here they are:


The dolls are not articulated and I wonder how is the quality of the clothes. Most probably before buying any of them I would prefer to see how they look like in real life.

The most interesting bit could be most probably the accessory packs, I’m a sucker for clothes (both for me and my dollies):

I mean…look at the red booties up there, don’t they look hot?

Flea-market finds-part 3

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

Here below is the rest of the stuff I found today. Nothing so exciting as the Growin’ Hair Barbie but still cute stuff for very nice prices :-)

Let’s start with the shoes ( my girls are as much shoes-obsessed as I am):

fashion and accessories:

this was just 1 euro together with some of the shoes so I took it:

The dolls below are pretty recent ( end of the ’80, ’90) but I loved their sweet faces and they are in lovely conditions:

Sindy needs some cleaning up but aside from that nothing wrong with her:

vintage furniture are always worth, especially for a couple of euros:

and I really couldn’t leave there this cute fellow for 50 cents:-)

That little black dress

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

I was browsing today around (what a surprise) and I saw pictures of the Basic Barbies redressed by CDFA designers, I love them!!!

Look at this amazing group pictures, are they not the apex of glamour and fashion?

My favourites of the bunch are the Justin Giunta Barbie:

and Betsey Johnson‘s doll

I especially love the necklace on the first doll, such a chunky funky chaos of chains and the gown of the second doll.

They are all so in tune with the fashion of the moment.

I think the people as Asos got inspired and they decided to “redress” Barbie as well (found via impossibleprincess)

And by the way, they are selling the dolls as well, at around 30 pounds, I think it is the cheapest price I saw in Europe at the moment.

Barbie loves P&C-update

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

So…yesterday I went to P&C in Düsseldorf and…they didn’t have the dolls, they haven’t even heard of them. Other 2 people checked in different towns, same story, what a disappointment :-(

I got 1 t-shirt and one scarf, I love the scarf, it is a deep dusty pink with small prints of the Barbie head logo, love it love it :-) I didn’t take the clutch because first of all it was a “micro” clutch (I could hardly fit in my cigarettes and mobile together) but most important it was very plain on the outside. The inside lining was with a Barbie print but the outside was just black, without any evident side of “Barbinesh” :-( so I passed on it.

That’s all, we are keeping hunting for the dolls and keep you updated.

First Look: Barbie

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

This is a bit “oldish” but very nice and inspiring, have a look:

First Look: Barbie’s Fashion Show In Paris

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Barbie loves P&C -flea-market find

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

Today we went again to a flea-market (love them!). I didn’t find any doll (but last week I found a nice case with Petra dolls and clothes), I still bought quite few things as cheap costume jewelry, a couple of vintagy Avon sets and other stuff but, more important, I FOUND THIS! :


It looks like a promo booklet for the upcoming Peek & Cloppenburg Barbie collection (hitting the stores tomorrow). My husband spotted it, I loved it at first sight and when the seller asked 5 euros for it I was over the moon.

It is roughly 40 cm long, quite heavy and it comes with a CD. The cover is all drenched in pink glitter. Here are just few of the initial pages:

102_4714 102_4715

102_4716 102_4719

Then, half through the booklet are some sketches of the piecese from the collection with prices:

102_4721 102_4722

102_4723 102_4725

and the dolls!!! The Fashionistas:


102_4731 102_4732

So tomorrow  after work I will go to the store. I decided to go crazy and if I find them I want all the dolls, 1 or 2 T-shirts, the clutch and one schal. Wish my credit card good luck ;-)

Barbie collection by David Dixon.

Friday, March 20th, 2009

After New York, also Toronto gets a Barbie Fashion Show. David Dixon presented two days ago at the Canadian Fashion week his Barbie Collection.

I have to say his clothes at least DO look wearable :-)

As you can see I’m in “fashion mode” today :-) mmhhh…perhaps this is the result of staying 8 days in my country, everybody there is a bit “fashion oriented” ;-)

Later in the year his brother, Glenn Dixon, will launch a line of furnishing and home accents inspired to Barbie. I wonder what could be small enough to be bought over ebay and posted to Europe ;-)