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Finally new toys on the shelves

Saturday, November 26th, 2011

Finally I see new toys on the shops shelves, not as many as I was hoping for to be honest but still better than nothing. I was hunting already for a couple of weeks for Toralei and here she is!!!

You can see how successful this line  is by the fact that the dolls are  disappearing from toy-shops shelves pretty fast and that both collectors and children are hunting for them ;-) I think I was not so taken by a play-line serie since the times Bratz came out (2001-2002?) and I love it.

Also for the first time in a long long time I bought Barbie clothes in a toyshop. I found them quite pricey (10 euros) but for once they appealed to me. The shoes are interesting and so are the patterns from both dresses:


I’m hopeful something else will appear on the shelves before Xmas ;-)

Flea-market-part 1-Barbie and fashion dolls

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

This weekend is going to be fully packed: food shopping, hairdresser, barbecue at friends, cooking, family reunion, dolls day…but could we not find some time for a small flea-market? Especially when the weather is so gorgeous??? Of course not!

So this morning we got up early and off we went :-) Here is part 1 of my finds: Barbie and a couple of “fashion dolls”. In part 2 I’ll show the remaining toys.

Here the first 3 dolls I found, 1 euro each: Jessie and Woody from Toy Story plus a cute brunette Peggy (Petra’s sister):

Then all the below stuff for 15 euros, included 2 pregnant Midges (the 2 face variations) and the grandmother from the Happy Family, plus a couple of nice My Scene Barbies and tons of Barbies and accessories (all from the same seller):

Stay tuned for part 2 and I hope you all are having a great weekend as well!

Flea-market finds-part 3

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

Here below is the rest of the stuff I found today. Nothing so exciting as the Growin’ Hair Barbie but still cute stuff for very nice prices :-)

Let’s start with the shoes ( my girls are as much shoes-obsessed as I am):

fashion and accessories:

this was just 1 euro together with some of the shoes so I took it:

The dolls below are pretty recent ( end of the ’80, ’90) but I loved their sweet faces and they are in lovely conditions:

Sindy needs some cleaning up but aside from that nothing wrong with her:

vintage furniture are always worth, especially for a couple of euros:

and I really couldn’t leave there this cute fellow for 50 cents:-)

Flea-market time!!!

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

So…despite having played Munchkins till 1 am yesterday night and having drunk several glasses of wine in the process (this last one together with a friend of ours, my husband doesn’t drink) we managed to get up fairly early today and be in Bonn at 9:15 :-)

The flea-market was as I remembered: huge and with some sellers having ebay prices, but I still I managed to buy quite  a lot with the 21 euros spent for what you see below..

I got a nice high-chair and pram, shelly size:


100_4287 100_4288

I love the fact that they have the Fisher Price label on them, like real ones, and they match some other nursery accessories I bought with another set.

Believe it or not, at 2,50 euros each they were the most expensive stuff I bought today :-)

I got a sweet Monchichi, not vintage but original for 1 euro:

100_4319 100_4321

she’s minty minty and in need of clothes.

Then a LLL StrongHeart  prince for 50 cents ;-)


and this beautiful Teresa with original dress:

100_4308 100_4309

I really like the Teresa face mold, in case you didn’t know this yet :-D

I picked up lots of  Tupperware miniatures:

100_4314 100_4315

actually even more than the ones you see in the picture.

Lots of nice clothes for my dollies, almost all in mint conditions and with the Barbie label:

100_4296 100_4303


I love the pink stola and matching bag (right hand-side). The stola actually has a hook so that it can be closed.

Then again some Barbie miniatures, included a new sewing machine (this one though is just labeled “Made in Hong Kong”):



and like the previous one I bought last week if you turn the white “switch” the needle goes up and down.

I also got a nice  “cocktail” set and a small (but really small) Cinderella coach, it is the perfect size to be a toy for Shelly or another small doll:

100_4326 100_4312

and then, well…I really couldn’t resist…I know it is pink and huge but I picked it up for almost nothing:

100_4332 100_4333


pity that the second night-table is missing.

I’m really happy with my shopping especially because I will have  a stressful week from monday on so I needed something nice to cheer me up.

I hope you all are having a nice weekend as well.

Flea-market finds

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Today I went to the big flea-market here in town, alone because my husband was working. So, once there, I got lost after 20 minutes, since I have no sense of direction, and I lost track of where I was. Still I managed to cover a good 80% of it or at least I hope so.

This time I was more successful than a couple of weeks ago :-)

I found this sweet looking Barbie and the fashion fever outfit (complete of dummy) for 3 euros:


I normally do not buy modern/recent barbies at flea-markets but I really loved her face, she’s perhaps the nutcracker ballerina, not sure. Here a close-up:


Then I got a Petra’s little sister (Peggy) for 50 cents, not in amazing conditions but what the heck! 50 cents:


and one Hasbro Sindy, complete with ballerina outfit and accessories, plus a nice Skipper from the ’80 for 2 euros each:

102_3628 102_3632

By one seller I got the nice lot below for 5 euros:


102_3620 102_3624

I really love the coca-cola bags and towel. I picked up two lifesavers because I think Pauli needs a proper one (the ones above are inflatable).

And then what else?

Ah…yes. Always for 5 Euros a Barbie horse from the’80, almost mint complete of box and accessories (I didn’t take pictures of these ones):

102_3642 102_3644

By the way, if you need some infos on Barbie horses (and not only), check this site out, it is amazing!

and a super cute Kelly house. I was not sure whether to take it or not but when the seller asked 2 euros I couldn’t leave it there. Here it is closed:


and here opened:

102_3648 102_3647

and now I’m going to clean my new dollies :-)

I hope you all are having a nice weekend as well.

My weekend finds

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

Yesterday we went finally to the first flea-market of the season. It was fairly small but I still found a couple of nice things.

I got some assorted Barbie clothes and shoes for 10 euros:

102_3340 102_3348

102_3346 102_3344

My dolls, like me, have never enough shoes :-) The highlight of the day though was this nice garden pavilion:

102_3334 102_3338

The box is pretty bashed but the set seems not to have been used at all and comes complete with instructions sheet. It was made in West Germany by Theo Klein, most probably in the seventies. It is for 30 cm dolls and I paid it 3,50 euros, good price :-) On the side of the box you can see the picture of the second set of garden furniture on sale at the time:


That was all for yesterday (at least for me, my husband found a nice carrera car).

Today instead we visited a small specialized toys fair: they were selling only model trains and model cars, no dolls at all, but it was my husband to be interested in it so I tagged along. I still though managed to snap something up and the girls were delighted. I was not sure about the size but for 2 euros I took it anyway and I think size-wise it works fine. What is it? A kicker!!!


The metal bars really rotate and it comes also with a set of small balls to be kicked. Here some details:



so, all together a good start of the “hunting”season :-)

Mercedes-Benz Barbie Runaway Show

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Ohhh boy…I mean ….Oh girls…get ready to faint!!! If you didn’t see them yet here are some awesome videos about the Barbie Runaway show in New York last week:

here below a “behind the scene” video

And lots of pictures, absolutely gorgeous drawings, an in-depht report and review of the dresses. I wish I was there.

For the moment I just need to find time to save all of this on my hard-disk :-)

Friday Shopping

Friday, January 16th, 2009

Today, during my lunch break, I went to have a look in the toy-shop close to where I work. They had many new dolls, included the repro Barbies for the 50th anniversary: the Superstar, the Malibu and the Number one. Unfortunately they were really too expensive, 60 euros each, thanks… but no thanks :-(

I couldn’t really leave without anything though, too much nice stuff around and what the heck! it is Friday!!! So I picked up 3 nice Fashion Fever sets for my girls.

Here is Raquelle wearing the first one


I love the top and all together it fits very nicely with her hair


I think it could be nice also on Arianna, I have to try out :-)

Barbie, being the usual one, chose the fancy dress. This one is from the more expensive line and comes also with shoes (nice) and bag (terrible).  I think it is really…posh ;-)

100_3156 100_3159

And Summer, took the last one. This, like the first dress, comes from the cheap line: no accessories with it, just the dress but lovely:

100_3173 100_3180

Should I go back to the shop for more? mhhhhhh….need to think about it :-)

In meantime…HAVE A NICE WEEKEND!!! Tomorrow I’m going to have a dolls day with my sister(-in-law) ;-D

Redressing dolls

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

As you know I love playing around with my dollies and I have a week off in front of me, so today I can afford to skive around a bit :-)

Barbie visited Momoko and Arianna, she was delighted with their dressing room and wanted to try out some of their vintage clothes. To be honest they fit her much more than them, since the girls are really on the skinny side ;-)

Here below she’s wearing a vintage (barbie?) dessous set I’ve got off eBay for less than 3 euros, it is totally mint and it is really gorgeous on her:

Here she’s trying two different evening dresses, one in red and one in silver

But this is her favourite, it is labelled barbie, perfectly disco-style for this gorgeous girl:

Ahh…she’s really stunner and it took me 3 years to debox her so now she deserves a bit of pampering :-)

Flea-markets finds

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Since I didn’t update my blog in the first 2 weeks of September there was no report on my Flea-market finds. Unfortunately the autumn is catching up on us and most probably these were the last ones we visited for this year, even if I hope not :-)

Here is what I’ve got recently, a nice small lot of Barbies from the seventies and outfits:

I think the Barbie in the yellow dress is an original Superstar and she’ still wearing her original jewellery. I really like the Ken dolls, the one with brown hair is basically mint. This lot will be kept, properly pimped up and displayed :-)

Last week I found then a nice lot from the ’80:

and an Elvis Presley Mattel doll. I’m not particularly fascinated by the character or the figure but I really liked the uniform and I thought 10 euros was an acceptable price for it:

So, that’s all for the moment, let’s cross fingers we still have a couple of good flea-markets weekends in front of us :-)