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Barbie Catalog

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

If you didn’t check it out yet have a look at the current Barbie catalog here. So many nice things :-) I was fascinated by the shoes the Christian Louboutin doll comes with:

Barbie Laboutin shoes

The doll itself I could even pass on but my girls NEED the boots. I mean…did you see them??? Love them

If you didn’t see yet all the gorgeous pictures from the ad campaign check them out on Refinery29, I’m saving them just now!

Some dolls reading

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

I was browsing around for some quality reading (AKA dolls reading) and I found the digital version of “Fashion/ Forward“, a mini magazine (a supplement to Dolls Reader) dedicated to fashion for dolls. I love that the outfits and accessories are presented and described as in real fashion magazines.

Fashion Forward

Brenda Cox is one the designers reviewed in this issue, look at her beautiful creations for our favorite doll: Barbie! and start to dream ;-)

Don’t miss though the preview of Gene paper dolls and the review of the a steampunk bride dress and pattern for Ellowyne: you can download the instructions and patterns itself here.

The only disappointment is that you cannot download the mag as PDF file but..oh well…we’ll survive.

If after this dolls and fashion galore you are still lusting for more check out the Dolls magazine. From the home page you can download (as PDF!!!) the digital preview of their December issue. They are just few pages but really nice :-) I’m totally in love now with Goodreau Upside Down Oz collection!

Paper, Fashion, Dolls

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

ok…ok…I’m a bit single minded…but not really! I don’t always lust after dolls or dream about miniature furniture. Sometimes I also get fascinated by paper (dolls, models, craft) and I have a soft spot for fashion, even just looking at clothes lift my spirit and if I can buy even better. I love for example the new blog I stumbled upon:paper fashion! I’m tempted to write to the owner and ask to post a nice paper-doll as freebie, it would be stunning!

Another blog of fashion illustrations I like very much is Flushbunny, look at the fashion sketch inspired to Jem dolls, don’t you love it? And let’s not forget the fantastic Irina Ivanova’s flickr stream.

But here are my faves ;-)

I would really like to post tons of links, I think fashion illustrations are just art on their own and they remind me very often of beautifully crafted paper dolls (ok, so perhaps after all I AM SINGLE MINDED).

And this reminds  me also of what is most probably next on my wish list (the one for things I can actually get ): it looks like a nice set

Reflections on Fashion

It comes with patterns, a paper doll and much more.

And a new Barbie calendar for the year to come:


I will let you know if I ever come around buying them :-)

Barbie loves P&C-update

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

So…yesterday I went to P&C in Düsseldorf and…they didn’t have the dolls, they haven’t even heard of them. Other 2 people checked in different towns, same story, what a disappointment :-(

I got 1 t-shirt and one scarf, I love the scarf, it is a deep dusty pink with small prints of the Barbie head logo, love it love it :-) I didn’t take the clutch because first of all it was a “micro” clutch (I could hardly fit in my cigarettes and mobile together) but most important it was very plain on the outside. The inside lining was with a Barbie print but the outside was just black, without any evident side of “Barbinesh” :-( so I passed on it.

That’s all, we are keeping hunting for the dolls and keep you updated.

Barbie loves P&C -flea-market find

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

Today we went again to a flea-market (love them!). I didn’t find any doll (but last week I found a nice case with Petra dolls and clothes), I still bought quite few things as cheap costume jewelry, a couple of vintagy Avon sets and other stuff but, more important, I FOUND THIS! :


It looks like a promo booklet for the upcoming Peek & Cloppenburg Barbie collection (hitting the stores tomorrow). My husband spotted it, I loved it at first sight and when the seller asked 5 euros for it I was over the moon.

It is roughly 40 cm long, quite heavy and it comes with a CD. The cover is all drenched in pink glitter. Here are just few of the initial pages:

102_4714 102_4715

102_4716 102_4719

Then, half through the booklet are some sketches of the piecese from the collection with prices:

102_4721 102_4722

102_4723 102_4725

and the dolls!!! The Fashionistas:


102_4731 102_4732

So tomorrow  after work I will go to the store. I decided to go crazy and if I find them I want all the dolls, 1 or 2 T-shirts, the clutch and one schal. Wish my credit card good luck ;-)

Barbie in Dirndl – Lola Paltinger

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

You have to know I’m fascinated by Dirndl (and  tracht) dresses. I love this kind of clothes both for me and my dolls, but while I own a couple of them for my fashion dolls (the ones I have were produced for Petra) till now I just found the courage to buy for myself just a landhaus style dress (especially because real Dirndl are pretty expensive).

So, imagine how delighted I was when I saw the creations of Lola Paltinger. I loved both the version for real women:

Barbie meets Lola Paltinger

and the one for Barbie:

Barbie meets Lola Paltinger


I actually visited her site and oh…gosh, anybody has a couple of thousand euros to loan me? I just love the “Lollipop and Alpenrock ” collection as much as the “Happy Heidi” one. This of course are modern interpretation of what a Dirndl is but if  I could afford them she would have just gained a new customer (not to worry though in 3 weeks I’ll be in Italy and I can play the Lotto, the jackpot is the biggets in Europe at the moment).

If you instead want to see more pictures of the Barbie dirndl she created stop by Mattel :-)

Flea-market time!!!

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

Yesterday it was flea-market time and the weather was great!!! So happy about it :-)

Here is what I got: a small card game branded Barbie. It is for small children. You need to find the missing pieces matching the pictured items. I liked it because there are pictures of lots of Barbie fashions. My husband spotted it:


102_4673 102_4676

then some Barbies included a Superstar, one with the Stacie face and a Dee-Dee (I think she is called so):


102_4692 102_4697

They are all in need of a good wash.

With the same lot I got a Sindy doll, with the most delicious red lips I ever saw:


and a Todd, with a nice face but ruined hands :-(

102_4705 102_4706

The seller wanted 25 euros for the 5 dolls, I offered 15, at the end I paid 18. I would have been more satisfied with 15 euros but I decided to take them anyway.

Then I absolutely fell in love with her:

102_4677 102_4684


She has a Skipper face and body. The hair are much more reddish than what the camera picked up and she has green eyes. She will be a perfect addiction to my Skipper collection.

And then I picked up this NRFP clothes (I love the “Ken PJ”):


The cowgirl outfit on the left is a freebie for a friend.

Ah…almost forgot. Last piece, for 1 euro, this LLL outfit and pixie tail:


Today I worked but fotunately it was very quiet and raining, so a perfect weekend.

I hope you enjoyed yours as well.


Sunday, June 7th, 2009

Yesterday we were planning to take some pictures outdoor with my-sister-in law but unfortunately the weather was dreadful. It rained cats and dogs :-(

To cheer me up I took today some pictures of the dolls clothes I got from my-sister-in law for the girls. As usually Momoko and Arianna managed to grab the clothes, They are really greedy.

Here they improvised a small fashion-show

A nice summery crocheted outfit. I got it also in another color variation, very nice :-)


A romantic white dress for Arianna:

102_4530 102_45281


and a full set of mix-and-match clothes (1 on the dummy is from the Xmas gift). I love the combination of brown and pink and so did the girls:-)

102_4536 102_4545

102_4542 102_4543


We had quite lot of fun all of us 3 taking the pictures :-)

Flea-market time!!!

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

So…despite having played Munchkins till 1 am yesterday night and having drunk several glasses of wine in the process (this last one together with a friend of ours, my husband doesn’t drink) we managed to get up fairly early today and be in Bonn at 9:15 :-)

The flea-market was as I remembered: huge and with some sellers having ebay prices, but I still I managed to buy quite  a lot with the 21 euros spent for what you see below..

I got a nice high-chair and pram, shelly size:


100_4287 100_4288

I love the fact that they have the Fisher Price label on them, like real ones, and they match some other nursery accessories I bought with another set.

Believe it or not, at 2,50 euros each they were the most expensive stuff I bought today :-)

I got a sweet Monchichi, not vintage but original for 1 euro:

100_4319 100_4321

she’s minty minty and in need of clothes.

Then a LLL StrongHeart  prince for 50 cents ;-)


and this beautiful Teresa with original dress:

100_4308 100_4309

I really like the Teresa face mold, in case you didn’t know this yet :-D

I picked up lots of  Tupperware miniatures:

100_4314 100_4315

actually even more than the ones you see in the picture.

Lots of nice clothes for my dollies, almost all in mint conditions and with the Barbie label:

100_4296 100_4303


I love the pink stola and matching bag (right hand-side). The stola actually has a hook so that it can be closed.

Then again some Barbie miniatures, included a new sewing machine (this one though is just labeled “Made in Hong Kong”):



and like the previous one I bought last week if you turn the white “switch” the needle goes up and down.

I also got a nice  “cocktail” set and a small (but really small) Cinderella coach, it is the perfect size to be a toy for Shelly or another small doll:

100_4326 100_4312

and then, well…I really couldn’t resist…I know it is pink and huge but I picked it up for almost nothing:

100_4332 100_4333


pity that the second night-table is missing.

I’m really happy with my shopping especially because I will have  a stressful week from monday on so I needed something nice to cheer me up.

I hope you all are having a nice weekend as well.

My new Sindy

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

My new Sindy got washed and cleaned . Here she’s at the hairdresser, a small, old-looking salon run by friend of hers. It is not the most glamorous one but Sindy loves it because there she gets the best service in town an also indeed because of the old-fashion style, reminding her of her youth.

Here few pictures from when she was having her hair done:

100_3958 100_3943

100_3940 100_3950

finally dressed up properly in an original Sindy outfit (removed from the original packaging just for her):


and finally not alone anymore ;-) but back with her sisters:

100_3998 100_3925

she’s very happy :-D