Another batch on ebay

If anybody is interested I have put another batch on ebay, there are some MyScene NRFB, a Bouncin’ Babie house, a Princess Ai doll by Tokyopop and  a couple of Mattel vintage dolls (not Barbie).

I’m taking advantage of the move to try reshaping my collection. I anyway prefer Barbie and especially vintage ones above all. So I will keep the vintage Barbies and Sindys, some of the modern Barbies (not all) and very few pieces of furniture. If you are interested in anything you saw on my blog in the past drop me an email and I will let you know if it is something I was planning to get rid of.

Ah…forgot…I have quite few Barbie Bazaar magazines I would gladly part with. If anybody is interested they can have them for free as long as you pay for the postage and I’m afraid that coudl be high since the magazines are at least 20 or more.


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