Xmas gifts!!! part 1

I hope everybody is having a nice, relaxing Xmas. I’m at home one week so this is enough for me ;-) But, cherry on the cake, I got some dollies as gifts :) We are actually going to move so I really should get rid of dolls, not acquiring more but sometimes life is made of sacrifices! ;-)

Here are the gifts  from my hubbie. the computer engineer Barbie I wanted for ages:

I got two of them because one will be deboxed and one will stay boxed and sit on my desk at work. My colleagues (men) are really looking forward to it LOL! But she does belong to an IT department, isn’t it?

And then I got a gorgeous Bild Lilli repro, a black one, she’s GORGEOUS!

Stay tuned for part 2 as I got a very nice girl from my sister-in-law as well :)

I hope Santa has been good with you all as well.

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