Weekend-Photography and work

So, it is again Friday evening, don’t you love it? I do! Sometimes I think it is worth working just for the sheer pleasure of Friday evening :-)

This is going to be unfortunately a working weekend since I will work on Sunday, but only till 3 pm so it is ok (sort of…). But tomorrow my husband and I are going to a short course (really an introduction) for digital photography. I hope it is good.

Inspired by this I decided to have a look at what is around on the net about dolls photography, of course a lot like usually :-). One of the pages I like is Basics of Dolls photography, what I really appreciated actually were the links to small tutorials about composition. The second link is unfortunately a dead one but the other two are pretty good , especially the rulesĀ  of photo composition.

Then a nice , short and crisp tutorial in 4 parts about Dolls Photography from the American Dolls Outfitters site. I was even thinking about printing it and reading it through without tiring my eyes on the computer screen.

This sets of articles about posing for portraits is not specifically discussing dolls photography (even if the opening pictures are delightful) but I think you could find lots of ideas to chew on :-D

And if you need to get inspired here is onĀ  my favourite sites: Ernesto Padro-Capos Gallery, just beautiful.

Do you have any nice link about Dolls Photography?

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