A trip down memory lane

My husband this evening was rummaging through one of our messy-overcrowded cupboards and found some old pictures. There were also some I took almost 10 years ago when I started collecting. I used to have only a  normal camera  back then and you can see some of the very first dolls I bought, a couple of Hasbro Sindy. I still find them lovely but after a while I moved to Pedigree Sindy  so I stopped buying the Hasbro ones :-)

Here they are:


c3 c2

Have a nice week, full of dolls and playing :-)

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2 Responses to “A trip down memory lane”

  1. Holly Featherstone Says:

    Cute! I used to have that cafe set, at that time too, but mine was inhabited by Takara Jennies at that time, wish I’d taken photos but that part didn’t come until later :)

    Holly xoxo

  2. admin Says:

    I still have it, somewhere… :-D

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