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A Victorian Barbie Mansion

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

Browsing around in search of nice ideas for my dollhouse, I found pictures of a Victorian Barbie Mansion. The creator and owner of the house is Tara Terminello. From what I understood they are actually separate room-boxes, not a full built house but it looks amazing and I’m going back now and have a closer look to see if there’s any idea I could “steal” for my modern dollhouse.

UPDATE: sorry, the site seems to have been removed since a while.

Fleamarket today!Oh boy…what a day!

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

Today I went with my husband to a big fleamarket in Düsseldorf. Last month we visited it as well but the weather was crappy and we didn’t find anything. But today…oh boy…what a day!

Here is the first small lot I put my greedy paws on, few small Barbie furniture and accessories:

The small camera actually has a flash that really flashes up when you press on the small button on top and the small chestdrawers light up:

The great finds of the day though were a small lot of Tupperware miniatures and some MIB Barbie furniture from the ’80.

Here are the Tupperware miniatures:

And here are the furniture, included a NRFB castle of Lady Lovely Locks:

Just the vanity table set alone was marked as priced originally at 33 DM (about 16 euros) when he was sold in the shops.

With them I got also a nice Petra lamp:

If you think this is all what I got, keep reading :-)

Here a great miniature mirror (it swings at the hinges) and a small crystal bowl for my girls:

And then 2 new girls to cleanup, My First barbie and Whitney from the ’80:

The dollies are in very good conditions (no chew marks or other kids amenities), they just need to be cleaned up and redressed.

And here the the last small lot I bought, almost as an after-thought :-) Some miniature My Little Ponies in their carry case and miniature Cabbage Patch Kids dolls:

ahhh….I almost forgot these small accessories, I think they are cute (The Petra head was too good to be left there):

Now, you will perhaps ask yourself why I’m excited, lot of this stuff can be bought over ebay, right! agreed!


Sorry, how much better can a day get? Hardly better :-) Once I clean them a bit I will also show what my husband got for me at the last fleamarket while I was working.

Miniature dolls & Paper Dolls Furnitures

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

Do you know the feeling when you start looking in Google for something and then you get totally carried away? Landing on beautiful sites you never looked for, getting lost in pictures, projects, articles?

Well, this is what happen to me today and I want to share with you all some great links I found. Writing a post here is also a good way for me to not loose them.

The search started innocently enough, well at least I though so. As you know I’m furnishing my 1/6 scale Dollhouse and I’m getting deeper and deeper into the world of miniatures. I just wanted to find some projects on how to build dolls and a dollhouse for my girls, so basically few inches sized dolls and a 1/144 scale dollhouse.

I found tons of sites but one I really love is this one where there are tutorials on how to build Kate Greenaway dolls and mini teddies. I think I could ask my sister-in-law if she feels like helping me at trying to make one of them, they look so sweet. I also found this very good site with nice tutorials including one on how to build a 1/144 scale dollhouse. There’s even a tutorial on how to create a shop in a matchbox.

So far so good, I was right on track (or almost) but then situation span out of control and I found myself going trough tons of websites, mostly related to paper models, uauhh, I couldn’t believe what is out of there. I’m really fascinated with this hobby and one day I’ll give it go at it.

Amongst other stuff, I found this beautiful paper model of a japanese house and the San Marco Tower in Venice (you need to check under the menu TEST on the left hand-side from the main page).

What can I say? I really find this “paper world” amazingly interesting. The great find of the day though was this absolutely gorgeous set of Paper dolls Furniture in 1/12. Have a look, they are stunning! They belong to the the”Pretty House Collection” by Odyssey. I found this link through a newly discovered blog, Mini Modern, blog about modern dollhouse miniatures, great blog and it is now on my blog roll.

Well, I will post some other links another time, if now you want enjoy a bit of culture visit the Dollhouse musem in Basel, great pictures :-)

My Pure Neemo arrived!

Monday, June 16th, 2008

and she’s very cute :-) The dress is very well made and the doll body is made of a material that reminds me of the one Silkstones are made of.

I’m only disappointed with the shoes since the tip is made of molded material and the doll’s foot fits in the other 2/3 of the shoe (I hope it is clear what I mean), so the end-result is that if she wears them it looks like she has huge feet.

Here she’s:

The funny thing is that even if she’s not bendable, she can sit:

What’s her secret? Guess! Ok, I will say…she comes with an extra “bended” body!

My dolls vetrinette though is overflowing but the girl eyed the doll house and she planning to ask for hospitality to Arianna and Momoko, definitively something worth seeing LOL!

Such a cute lass

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

Here is my Kitty, happy like never before. She got a new tartan skirt, complete with matching headband and hat. My sister-in-law made them, thanks again Ursula!

The pictures have been taken quite quickly at the end of a working day so they are not exactly “art” but I’ll take better ones in the next weeks.

The shirt is the only thing I found amongst my stuff matching the outfit, the girl is not happy about it but I told her not to be so disappointed, perhaps some nice soul will offer to sew something nicer, eh eh eh :-)

Jenny bringing gifts

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

A couple of japanese friends (Jenny and her little sister) went today to visit Momoko and brought her 2 beautiful decorative teapots for her Japanese shelves. They are made of gemstone and Momoko was absolutely speechless, such a precious gift.

Here she’s looking at the first one:

and here comes the second one:

Momoko was so moved that she hugged Jenny, the later one was pretty embarrassed by such display of gratitude:

By the way, if you are wondering where Jenny’s little sister is you have to know she’s too shy, she didn’t want any pictures taken of her but if you look carefully you can spot her in background.

New Purchase for the house

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Today Arianna received a new big vase she purchased last week for the House.

She didn’expect it to be delivered so quickly, neither did I. We both loved it!

Dolls House – another pair of pictures

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

I just found these pictures amongst the many ones we took yesterday, not sure if my husband or my sister-in-law took them but I love both:

Dolls House-customized furniture

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Here finally are the furniture we customized. They were originally orange and white but with lot of yellowing and quite scuffed. Ursula also replaced the top of what was initially an old fashion TV set and made it into a second sit for the girls:

I love the colour-scheme and it fits beautifully the house.

Dolls House -such a great day -part 2

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

So, here are more pictures of my girls House. The first 2 rooms ( the lounge-room and the music room) are more or less ready, no more moving boxes laying around but they will need anyway additional furnishing in future:

the doll sitting on the left in the picture above is the one I’ve got from Ursula as birthay gift, she’s a vintage superstar with a customized outfit, always from my sister-in law.

Here is a closeup of the doll:

I have to say though that even if she’s lovely and very nice to speak with Arianna was far more thrilled about a second visit and…let’s say it…she’s right!!!:

Unfortunately he belongs to Ursula so we had to say him goodbye at the end of the day, sniff sniff :-( Now Arianna is pestering me to have him in the house as well, the wee brat has no idea how expensive he is. I tried to point out I have no space left, too many dolls, but she said she could share her bedroom with him, snort :-)

I have decided the customized furnitures need a post of their own, so here is just a glimpse of the attic ready, well…almost ready: